Festival dates: Nov 05-07, 2021

Author: Editorial Desk

Course directors Subhamoy Sengupta (FTII—direction batch of 1996) and Bela Negi (FTII—Film Editing batch of 1997)

The primary objective of Kautik is to offer participants a platform to showcase and talk about their films, as well as an opportunity to interact with industry professionals and learn invaluable tips and techniques gathered through years of real-life filming experience. At last year's edition, quite a few informal masterclasses were conducted during the course of the festival. This year, FTII-Pune conducted an official, intense 5-day film appreciation camp; from April 11 to 15. The Finance Minis [...]

Kamaun University in the year 2016 started a few unconventional courses; filmmaking was one among them. The film faculty comprised Rajesh Shah, a Mumbai-based cinematographer who returned to his home in the hills to dedicate his time to teaching, and his wife, National Film Award-winning filmmaker Shalini Shah. Before the end of the year, the duo along with their first batch of 14 students decided to host a tiny student film festival. This happened (thanks to the full backing of the CEFM - the H [...]

This is an ode to Nainital using time lapses by Vishi Singh. Each of the video clips used is made up of hundreds of photos, and each of those photos was taken within walking distance of his home in Nainital - Clifton House.   Words: Rudy Singh Music: Gracie's Theme by Paul Cardall Which of these hills recognise me As I revisit a mountain path? Which of these houses hold on to The stories of my past? Which particle of sunshine, soaked up by a tree, Still bears my childhood glance? Where is t [...]